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Birthday - Часть 3.
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Пол Маккартни (Paul McCartney).
John Lennon's Phantom V.
Былина о попсе.
Любовь, которую ты отдаешь.
All about Beatles
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Фанфики о Битлз! =)))
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Проза о "Битлз" и Битлах.
Рассказы, повести, очерки и т.д.
Make Love, Not War & War Is Over
Peace and Love!
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John Lennon Vs F.B.I. The F.B.I. Files on John Lennon. 
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Дмитрий Чернусь - "Lennon Is Love". 
Jim O’Donnel - The Day John met Paul. 
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John Ono Lennon (((Hearing Voices))) Radio Special.

John Ono Lennon
(((Hearing Voices)))
Radio Special


Born John Winston Lennon, October 9, 1940.
Died John Ono Lennon, December 8, 1980.

    (NPR's) Lynn Neary hosts our radio memorial and celebration:
  • "All We Are Saying"- Lennon in his own words on peace, art & family.
  • "The Day John Lennon Died"- where were you when you heard?
  • Beatles and Lennon live, demos, outtakes and Xmas messages.

soundfiles John Ono Lennon 1 (33:00 real) featuring:

"On Ed Sullivan"- an audio essay by host Lynn Neary with Beatles live performances and 1963-64 fanclub Christmas messages.

"All We Are Saying" by Barrett Golding- Lennon in his own words and music (interviews, albums, outtakes, antics and poetics) talks about peace, family, and art.

A Family Tree: Lennon drawing of he and Yoko under a tree
WONSAPONATIME there was two Ballons called Jock and Yono. They were strictly in love-bound to happen in a million years. They were together man. Unfortunatimetable they both seemed to have previous experience -- which kept calling them one way oranother (you know howitis). But they battled on against overwhelming oddites, includo some of there beast friends. Being in love they cloong even more together man -- but some of the poisonessmonster of outrated buslodedshithrowers did stick slightly and tey occaasionaly had to resort to the drycleaners. Luckily this did not kill them and they werent banned from the olympic games. They lived hopefully every after, and who could blame them... —Lennon, Skywriting By Word of Mouth

soundfiles John Ono Lennon 2 (25:00 real) featuring:

"The Day John Lennon Died" by Paul Ingles- Members of the generation jolted by Lennon's death recall how they heard the news and how deeply this ex-Beatle's life affected theirs.

"NYC/LA Radio 12/8/1980" & "20th Anniversary Mourners: Imagine 12/8/2000" found-sound from The Professor- the radio dial recorded the night of Lennon's death, and mourners 20 years later singing in Central Park.

"Pop Vultures: Grief" by Kate Sullivan & Vince DeLorca- Lennon's "God" as grief counseling, from the radio series Pop Vultures.


Host Lynn Neary is Arts Correspondent at National Public Radio. Barrett Golding hangs at HearingVoices.com. Paul Ingles owns Cedar Creek Studios, and has a half-hour version of "The Day Lennon John Died." The Professor hosts WFMU's found-sound hour The Audio Kitchen (check his mp3 collection called Sing Along With The Music). Kate Sullivan's series is Pop Vultures; she is now the Music Editor.

Kiss Your Favorite Beatle with pictures of lips
"Maybe in the sixties we were naive. Everybody said, 'We didn't get a wonderful world of just flowers and peace and happy chocolate, and it won't be just pretty and beautiful all the time.' Just like babies; everyone went back to their rooms and sulked: 'We're just going to play rock and roll and not do anything else, because the world's a horrible place, because it didn't give us everything we cried for.' Right? Crying for it wasn't enough. The thing the sixties did was show us the possibilities, and the responsibility we all had." —Lennon, to RKO Radio, December 8 1980


Wikipedia has great bios and links for John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The Bagism fansite has a Lennon Quiz. Complete Lennon lyrics are at Lyrics.info. Lennon The Musical is a Broadway play. The FBI, compelled by FOIA, has released hundreds of pages in their Lennon case files. "Beatlegs" are Beatles Bootlegs (many mp3s available). The Liverpool Lennons have timelines and family trees at Lennons.net. You can vote and visit the Top 100 Beatles Sites. And in WFMU's blog, The Professor documented John & Yoko week hosting the Mike Douglas Show.

This special was mixed by Robin Wise of Sound Imagery. Executive Producer is Barrett Golding. (((Hearing Voices))) specials are crafted from new and classic radio shows. Funders include the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Endowment for the Arts.

Audio © the producers, (((HearingVoices))), the Lennon Estate

Источник: http://hearingvoices.com/special/2005/lennon/
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