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This Is Real Love - Что пишут?..

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by Corinne Nguyen


Ringo couldn't sleep.
After the agitated evening of A Hard Day's Night's premiere, Ringo couldn't find sleep.
Ringo was exhausted though. And it was quite frustrating to feel the world sleeping all around, while he couldn't have a rest.
And on tomorrow evening, he'd have to go back on stage, and same thing the day after, ...
He looked desperately at his alarm-clock.
Five o'clock ! Aaaargh... Perfect time to have an insomnia... especially that I didn't get in bed early... Shit. I'll have to spend a sleepless night again. As if I needed it ...
All of a sudden, he felt like going for a walk in the calm and starry night. The quietness outside by the open window was so attractive and restful. This silence !
There's was no comparison with the deafening noise of the concerts. In the beginning, the girls' shouting was so much thrill, yet now Ringo was longing for some rest.

Shouldn't think about it. Sleep ! Sleep ! Sleep !!
And he closed his eyes tightly.
Then something, a little voice inside his conscience, told him to open his eyes. Something immediately caught his attention.
Something that was so so little, glittering in the unknown, in the garden !

Live and learn, time will show ! Ringo didn't have to take anything more in addition to his pyjamas, in the warm summer night of 1964, and he finally found himself breathing the fresh air of his garden, searching a tiny light that in the most probable case, was born from his imagination.
That's crazy ! But I'm feeling so relaxed now that I'd prefer to stay here.

Then he saw the light. It was still so frail and so weak, like a firefly on the point of dying. Ringo bent down and approached his face slowly, and what he saw, (OK, I'm dreaming *pinch**pinch*) to his great astonishment, was a tiny being lying on the leaf of a petunia, at the height of his knee.
Ringo recognized a fairy, with frail butterflylike wings, made of ether and pure thought, according to legends.
Ringo crouched down and noticed that the fairy looked bruised ; her skin was as pale as death, and her wings were torn in some places. He estimated that she had the appearance of a 12-14 year-old child, even though fairies actually have no age. He almost expected her faeric friends to show up and bring her back home. But the night was completely ignorant of this poor hurt fairy.

Ringo decided to look after her for a moment and see what would happen when she would wake up.


Hello, let me present myself ! My name's Lily and I was born in a lilybud during last spring. My world is Faeryland, bordered by a lake at the West, by a closed-down railway, which nowadays merges with the wild grass at the South and East, and by a town full of lights by night at the North, which I think is so wonderful to watch, though so noisy by day.

I admire the human ability to enlighten the dark, as us poor fairies can never see farther than our own light's reach.
The other fairies are endlessly criticizing me for my exaggerated love for human things. "They're destroying nature ! They are too busy with their selfish own business that they don't dream anymore ! Don't you know they kill a fairy each time they say that they don't believe in fairies !", so they say.
In fact, the other fairies are wary of me, they don't understand my love for the human world.
I don't understand what's wrong with me anyway ! I've never seen a human in my life and I just feel -- I can't explain it -- that their world is worth seeing. I'm eager to travel around the world and to learn how people live.
So I decided to leave to the North !

Moreover, the Faery Queen revealed to us, new-born fairies, that we would have to find out what our function is. We are expected to discover by ourselves our inner power and the sense of our existence. That's why, instead of wandering around a thousand times at the same spot, I'll set off on a new adventure. Even if it entails running unknown risks in an unfamilliar environment. And most of all, I'm longing for entering the enlightened northern place, the one that the other fairies seem to fear without reason !

Ringo in deep thought

Incredible. How can this be real. Fairies really do exist ? Indeed, this tiny creature is bound to be a fairy, like the ones I saw in my childhood's book of tales ... Didn't pay enough attention to them anyway. I was to young, I couldn't read the text. I only remember the pictures ...
Or what is it ?
Now just in front of me, come from nowhere is this poor thing ...
What if I touched it ? Slightly, it won't do her any harm ? No, I shouldn't try. We don't know what would happen next. Nothing could be worse than killing her. If she ever disappears, nobody will believe me if I tell all that. I'll be prisoner of a secret. That's so frustrating to be the only witness ...
Ringo frowned. I can understand people who have lived strange things, who are not believed and who are laughed at.
What will I do if she wakes up ?
Will she grant me a wish ? Yet what would I wish, more than I already have ?
Is she powerful enough to realize something like " make all the world happy " or something alike ? No, I doubt of it. We're not in a fairytale. It can't be so simple. She must live in a world with its rules and customs. She may not understand human language and she may be forbidden to get in touch with me. Seeing me, she will probably flee far away and I'll never have a chance to see her again ... !
I could take a photo of her now !
That's an excellent idea ; I'll prove that I'm not mad.

Ringo rushed to his bedroom and searched frantically in the mess the old forgotten Pentax he had bought the previous year. Where's the damn thing ? ? ? ? Ha ! Here ! Found it ! ! !
In his way back to the garden, he prayed she hadn't disappeared, but found her back still unconscious on the leaf. This time, I'd better not miss the photo ! Carefully, he adjusted his camera and FLASH ! , got her. He did it five more times, then took the Pentax back in his living-room.


Back to the garden, he sat himself down near the fairy .
What if she cast a spell on me to protect herself ? I'll never be the same ! What if I lose my head and can't live normally anymore ? Despite the fact that she looks outwardly harmless, she may be dangerous, who knows ? I'm running more risks than I'd like, still I'm too curious to see her regaining her consciousness. I mean no harm, she's bound to feel it. It's a rare occasion, mustn't miss it. That's decided, I'll stay till the end. Furthermore she's been injured. I could propose my help !
In the best of cases, a fairy as a friend is always useful !

The dawn was slowly setting up, and it envelopped the quiet atmosphere in a refreshing clarity ; dewdrops were forming everywhere.
Ringo was sitting cross-legged in the wet grass, still staring at the tiny fairy, head in hands and eyes half-closed. A drop that he hadn't noticed, just above the sleeper, fell right on her belly.
Ringo couldn't help giving a start as she immediately opened her eyes, shivered and curled up in the same time.
Then suddenly she felt ill-at-ease, kind of ... watched ! Turning her eyes to her left, she saw Ringo ! A menacing giant whose hand was huge compared to her ridiculous height, was towering over her. This only vision triggered an uncontrolable wave of panic, and she fell off the leaf, to the ground, hurting herself on the right arm. Her body cruelly reminded her all the hurtings she had undergone, and she tried to stand herself up without success.
She fainted again.
Ringo felt very embarrassed. What am I supposed to do ? I don't know anything about healing this kind of things. Even if I wanted to, what could I do ?
Well, I'll just call a doctor. That's all I can do.

Ringo went back home and brought back a matchbox carpeted with cotton, and a small kid's spade. I'd better not touch her for fear I crush her by awkwardness, Ringo thought.
With great care and delicacy, Ringo settled her safely in her new bed, stood slowly up, and went back in the living-room.
Geez, if only Mo and Zack were here, if only they could see that ! But of course in such rare moments I am alone with no one to ask advice from. I mustn't forget the doc ... I won't say about the fairy now or he's gonna send me to a psychiatrist ! I'll show him when he'll be here.
Ringo searched through the phonebook and dialed a number :
R : - Hello ?
Secretary :- Hello. Here is Dr Schwartz' consulting room. What's for your service ?
R : - Well I *humm*, made myself some bad bruises and I don't know if it can worsen. I'd like a consultation at home if possible. But for the moment could you advise me ?
S : - Is it swollen ? Is it bleeding ?
Ringo glanced to the still fainted fairy and stated :
- It's a bit swollen but there's no blood. What can I do for the moment ?
S : - If it's been a little scratched I advise you to disinfect it at once. Otherwise there's nothing more to do really. Does it hurt you ? Where are the bruises ? Can you move yourself right ?
R : - There are bruises everywhere, * glance * On the right arm, on both legs. I have to make much effort to stand up.
S : - That's too bad but today's full of consultations and Dr Schwartz won't be free till ... well I can find you a consultation at 6 in the evening. Does it suit you ?
R : - Alright.
S : - Your name and address, please ?
No need to create some fuss with my name.
R : - Richard Stanley, St George's Hill.
S : - Then, have a nice day.
R : - Have a nice day !

Suddenly, someone rang at the door. Ringo hung up the phone and looked out. That's strange, I'm not expecting anyone, especially at 9 in the morning.
He first recognized the gleaming red sport car of his mate George, and Ringo saw the lattest waiting in front of the porch.
Great !!
Ringo grew completely thrilled at the idea that he could show this creature to George. He ran out like mad to meet and urge him to enter and not make noise.

George to the rescue !

George was a bit surprised, his hands still playing with his car keys, as Ringo didn't let him time to talk or even say hello. Ringo gave little attention to his friend's puzzled look and led him to the living-room where the matchbox was set. He caught a quick glance at it ; with relief he noted that the fairy was still lying there, and he turned to George. George was already getting near and bending carefully down, frowning more and more in disbelief. Lowering his voice George asked " What is that ? ? ? " and almost expected Ringo to tell that it was an extraordinary exquisite new toy or something like an ingeniously enlightened doll in miniature ; his imagination was racing to find a rational definition of what he had in front of him. Ringo just answered : "I think it's a fairy. I found her in the garden, sleeping on a leaf. When she woke up she fainted by seeing me. She seems so inoffensive ! Look at her injuries ! I don't know what to do."
George couldn't believe it : " It' s alive ? It can move ? Are you serious or are you tripping ? "
" I'm dead serious ! "
George felt that the creature was alive. It was inexplicably obvious to him that, if his eyes weren't lying to him, the little being was alive. He could feel her breathing, though very feebly. It was the same body as a human being excepted for her height and her wings. The fineness of her body was breathtaking.
" Geez ... ! It's incredible ! What the hell are you going to do with that ? Have you got the intention to keep her ? Have you got in mind to take care of her till her complete recovery ? "
He thought about children who found a broken-winged babybird and who looked after it till it was healthy again. Except that this time, no book ever told about how to heal a fairy ! They were both in complete ignorance.
George and Ringo sat on the carpet and waited for something to happen. The fairy was progressively regaining her consciousness : she moved an arm, laid herself on her side, twisting a little her right wing, opened her eyes and sat with difficulty. She saw those two giants at once, staring at her, one that she recognized as the one of the garden ; the other was a new one. As they didn't move or didn't attempt to do her any harm, that reassured her slightly and she gathered all her courage to ask :

- Who are you ?
And Ringo spoke :
- My name's Ringo Starr and this is my friend George Harrison. We have no intention to do you any harm. You're free to leave anytime you please.

Slightly relieved, she looked around with curiosity and went on :
- Where am I ?
- You're in my house an'this is my living-room. You can see the garden where you were sleeping, out of this window. How can I help you ? You've been injured, haven't you ?

She was feeling safe now. Ringo's voice was soft and warm and she detected no bad thought in both of them.
- I've got some injuries on my arms, my legs and my wings. I can't fly anymore. And I'm exhausted and hungry. What you could do, to give me some new forces, is to bring me in your bedroom and sleep beside me. What I need is a little of your dreams.
- What ? My dreams ? You can heal yourself with my dreams ? But ... it's the morning you see, and I can't sleep till tonight.
George :
- If you tightly shut your window panes then the sun won't disturb you, and it will be OK. By the way you have to know that today's recording session has been postponed to the day after tomorrow, which comes at the right time !
To get you asleep, imagine that you're having a big lie-in, ... or imagine you're Paul and that you're oversleeping, and you'll be late for the session as usual ... so typical of Paul.
Ringo chuckled.
- Why is the session cancelled ?
G : - John said he had a headache. Must be a hangover, the result of yesterday's little party.
R - Alright Fairy, I'll dream for you. And Geo you can stay here till whenever you want of course.
G - OK, I'll stay here. I have my guitar in my car.


Ringo put gently the box on his bedside table. That's fine, I don't even have to change as I'm still in my pyjamas, and some little sleep is welcome for I couldn't sleep last night. It's been a strange night .. oops ... 's day !
He switched the light off and just before drifting away, he heard a grateful whisper saying " Thank you. "

This morning Ringo dreamt that he was in a wide garden near a bush of mimosa, in a starless night surrounded by a strange light that emanated from the ground. He could hear some invisible birds twittering from an invisible place. Ringo was feeling as if he was alone on the moon. As he picked one spray of mimosa, it enlightened itself like a little sun, as if someone had set it on fire, then it exploded in a bunch of firelights whose fallouts gave birth to a multitude of other bushes of mimosa.
He began to walk between the bushes, and nearly stepped on a tiny George who was running aimlessly around, watching a broken clock and repeating to anyone who would listen " I've got no time to say good bye I'm late, I'm late, I"m late ! ! "
A mini-Superman flew out of a bottomless hole in the lawn, grabbed tiny Geo and they disappeared in a shiny hole dug in the blind night, which closed immediately.
Then all the nature silenced. Ringo sat down and felt deeply alone and sad. He couldn't hold his tears back and soon a large puddle formed in front of him, which reflected his face.
The face in the puddled asked him : - What's wrong ?
- Why am I all alone ?
- You're not alone, don't you see ? There's the sky, there's the grass, there's Superman and there's me ! ! !
The water raised and took the shape of a person, and Ringo recognized George again. " George in water " made a bow. He began to dance in a musical comedy style, dressed in black tail coat, cane and top hat. He was taking it very seriously, as if an imaginary crowd was watching him. He looked very inspired ! At the end of the show, he bowed again then evaporated.
At this moment Ringo couldn't help laughing hysterically. He laughed so hard that he had a stomach ache. He eventually rested his head and back against a bush of mimosas, admired the sunset and closed his eyes.

Faery, where do you come from ?

When Ringo woke up, he immediately looked in the box and he saw the fairy standing. He could see that she was looking in much better health than before, even though her wings were still a little damaged in some places.

She jumped off the table, climbed on Ringo's pillow while Ringo sat in front of her.
He yawned and cleared his throat.
R - How are you now ?
F - Feel much better thanks to you. You saved my life ! I wonder how I can prove you my thankfulness. You're the first who showed pure disinterest to help somebody else.
R - Hope you didn't see my dream. It was a quite stupid one.
F - No, I just absorb its energy. You know, however stupid you think your dream was, it always has a signification. Ringo chuckled.
Ringo felt the warmth of her smile in the innest of his heart and enjoyed the good feeling of having done a good action. If he could have, he would have kissed her but her height couldn't permit it. He was feeling tenderness for this little fairy child.
She began to tell him her story since the beginning, and she couldn't conceal her naivety and her inexperience in life. She displayed enthusiasm for everything.

After having presented herself, she went on :

Lily - I left home last week. I flew cross the meadow, resting from time to time under wide leaves of dandelions. I reached the town when the sun was the highest and there was less and less shadow to rest in as I got near the town. The sun was making me feel dizzy.
I flew from one tree to another to avoid the burning pavement, and reached a river that I followed downstream, crossed a bridge where there were not too much traffic and arrived to a very busy street bordering some huge buildings and towers. The place was crowded ; everyone seemed to be quite in a hurry with straight faces. I noticed a huge tower with a clock.
Why are people always in a rush ? What are you doing that's so important ?

Ringo - You must have seen our MP's (Members of our Parliament you know ?) going to a political session. Politics is something serious. It has never interested me though. Politics is not my cup of tea. I'm a musician first and foremost.

George had heard some talking from the corridor and half-opened the door.

R - Come on ! She's better. We're talking about her.
George laid himself comfortably on the bed, head in hands and facing Lily.

George - How are you doing ?
L - Fine ! You're George ?
G - Yeah !
The fairy thought about what had been said before and asked :
L - What's politics ?
Geo and Ring looked at each other with embarrassment and George spoke.

G - That's a question on a rather large topic ! Eeer ... It is ... You can't define politics as only one thing. In politics people express their opinion about the laws that rule the country through other people, the politicians, that they elect by voting. Politicians can make laws, change them or erase them. They aim at a better ruled country, a better economy ...etc ... The problem is to satisfy everyone as nobody has the same needs. There, it becomes very complicated. People are not perfect so are their decisions. Nobody agrees with each other and each one fights for his ideas. Sometimes it's such a mess in their battlefield that I don't understand anything more !
Is there a government among Fairies ?

L - There's a Queen and a kind of hierarchy among us. The more powerful you are, the more respected you are. Young inexperienced fairies like me are at the bottom of the ladder, but social relations between us are based on respect only. There's no slaves, everyone's free. Even the Queen has, for example, to feed herself alone. She's very active. She still has messengers at her disposition anytime.

R - How come that the humans are completely ignorant of your world ? Are fairies spying us ?
L - Our worlds never interfere with each other. Our encounter is exceptionnal. Faeries are aware of your existence but humans don't. We prefer that the situation remains this way.

R - Why are you injured ? What hurt you nearly to death during your trip across London ? (The town you're talking of is London.)

L - I must tell my story from the beginning.
I wandered around the whole afternoon. I remember a very wide park that refreshed me nicely, then I crossed a noisy crossroad, taking care to fly the highest possible to escape the passer-by's looks. I went along another big park northwards.
In the evening, I saw an overcrowded place. Plenty of teenagers were screaming frantically outside a building. They wanted to see some " beetles " ???

A Hard Day's Night's Premiere

Ringo and George grinned at her puzzled look.

G - Actually, we are the Beatles, more precisely two of them.
L - Uh ?
R - The Beatles is the name of our band. We play rock'n'roll music and rhythm'n'blues. Last Monday evening, our film premiered at the London Pavillion Theatre. That's why you saw the crowd, the traffic and all. Don't you recognize us on the bills ? There were plenty of them everywhere !
L - Yes, now I recognize you ! The bills were all over the building.
R - I'm the drummer.
G - I'm the lead guitar. Did you manage to see our film ?
L - No I didn't. I managed to enter the cinema by an open window at the back of the cinema and I crept discretely near the screen but I couldn't see anything as I was completely on the right side of the screen. I just could hear your singing and acting. But most of all, I really LOVED your songs ! I even couldn't help dancing when you were singing " Can't buy me love ! Everybody tells me so ...
And she began a little demonstration. She was behaving just like a regular teenage girl, fan of swinging music.

R - That's too cute !
And George laughed.
G -Then what happened ?
L - When the screen went out and the people stood up, I guessed that it was the end, and I escaped quickly out of the window. I felt so happy. I was drunk and I wasn't wary of the cars. I was flying too low ... when I saw a car rushing at full speed at me, it was already too late ... I received a direct hit. I doubt that the driver saw anything though.

R - That's even incredible that you survived !
L - The fact that I was knocked isn't the real problem, because fairies are immaterial, except when they are on the point of dying ; in this case our body decays in something material. Besides that explains the reason why you could put me in the matchbox. I was almost dead.
The car could have get through me without doing me any harm. The problem was that cars are mainly made of steel. Faeries can't bear being touched by metals. And if the shock is too violent, they can lose their life.

R - You're like a ghost ? We can't touch you ?
L - No you can't. You can try to if you want. Just remove your rings and touch me.
She extended her arms to George too.
George reached her with his hand and it got across her. He let his hand there and began to move it in every direction.

G - Wow ! Incredible !
After having removed his steely things, Ringo did the same. He tried to grab a wing, and his hand went through her from head to toe.
R - You must be virtually invulnerable.
G - She's a fairy ! She's all spirit ! That's great !
R - How did you get in my garden ?
L - After my accident, I fell unconscious in the middle of the road. Fortunately I think it was a road leading to the parking reserved to the employees. And I suppose that they were still busy in the cinema and when I regained conciousness, everything was quiet and dark around me. I dragged myself in a dark nook and waited. In fact I was completely desperate and nearly resigned to die.
When a big black car went out of the parking. It was driving slowly so that I could, in a supreme effort, reach the top of the car and rest there.

G - Oh, what a coincidence, it must have been our car. We had to leave the cinema late to avoid the frenzied crowd.
R - Yeah, now I understand : when the car dropped me, you left the car too.
L - I left the car when it stopped for the first time. I felt the smells of the garden and I thought that this was my last chance to stay alive and rest.
R - OK I understand everything now. What are you planning to do now ?

Lily sat down and looked around in the messy bedroom.
L - I don't know. I'm not completely in good form. Do you mind if I stay a little more ?
R - No, of course. You're welcome. Besides, even if you leave us and then have to come back you'll still be welcome.
Ringo sent her one of those warm smiles he was a specialist of.
L - Thank you, I owe you so much.

Pillow fight

R - You're my guest !
Ringo forgot the mess of his bedroom (which he was a specialist of too) and spread his arms as if he was presenting his domain.
George threw him a dirty sock on the head and burst out laughing. Ringo responded with a dirty boxer short ( between friends there's no mercy !) and the fight went on with the pillows, the sheets, the dirty clothes, the clean clothes ....
Lily was dead laughing on a bed which had no blanket and no sheets anymore. When Ringo and George found themselves out of breath, the room was looking terrible !
Ringo crossed his arms on the mattress and said :

- Hey Lily, I'll never be able to clean that mess in one day ! What about taking your magic wand, then say a magic formula to get everything in order again ?
George smiled mischieviously and said :
- And then to mess everything up again ?
- Ohmigod ... !
Ringo let his face fall flat on the mattress. Lily burst out laughing again and George and Ringo were carried away in a big laugh.

Later back in the living-room, someone rang at the door. Ringo looked at the window
R - Shit, the doc !
G - What doc ?
R - This morning I called a doctor and he was expected to show up at 6.
G - Why did you call a doctor ? Did you believe that he could look after such a thing as a fairy ?
R - I know. That was inconsiderate of me. What can I do now ?
G - You'll just have to say that you feel better and that you don't need his help anymore.
R - Alright..
Ringo went out and George watched him talk to a man who didn't look funny at all, standing outside.
L - What's a doctor ?
G - That's someone who know how to heal other people. His job consists in that.
L - I suppose that you can be victims of plenty of diseases, as I noted with plants and animals. Us fairies have nothing to fear for our health, except for metals, that's all.
G - That's really great. It must be great to be a fairy.
L - I don't know if you can say that. Of course, we're priviliged physically, but there are plenty of things that humans do and that we can't. The life of a fairy can get pretty boring sometimes.
G - How's that ?
L - For example, we can't enjoy any tasty meal, we can't touch material things. And most of the time fairies wander alone. We are rather solitary beings. While humans are sociable ! They organize big shows to gather plenty of people who have the same passions. You know sometimes I really envy you for your simple materialistic pleasures.

Ringo was back in the living-room.
G- How did he react ?
R- Uh ... I'm sure he thought I was crazy. I wonder if he believed what I said. But that's not important.

Outside it began to rain, which was quite welcome for the plants, since it didn't rain for two weeks.
George suddenly exclaimed : - Bloody hell, I didn't close the hood on my Maserati ! Everything's gonna be soaked !
R - There are your keys !
And Geo went out with precipitation to save his precious car from flood.

Ringo looked around searching for Lily and walked in the middle of his living-room. He glimpsed her near his hi-fi looking at the discs.
L - What is it ?
R - Oh, that's a new artist from the US, Bob Dylan. I'm gonna make you listen.

R - Well, the first pist is a little scratched. The second one has got a better sound.

R - Listen this one ; it's my fave !

L - They are pretty songs but they haven't the enthusiasm of the Beatles'ones. I prefer their songs !
R - I'm flattered, thank you !

In the meantime, George had finished fighting with his convertible and went back.
R - Hey Geo, you can sleep there in the guestroom tonight, and the next nights too if you want.
G - OK thanks.

Fooling while cooking

R - I'm gonna prepare the dinner.
G - You know how to cook ?
R - Eeer ... well, we'll see ! I'm gonna use the advice of Mo's cooking book. It can't be so complicated !
G - Hummmm ... I'm curious to see that.
R - You don't have to stay idle while I cook ! You can help me too ! And that's not a proposition, that's an order !
G - Yeah, I think I'd better help you. Otherwise you're able to blow up the oven and the house with it, or some other "blunders " of that sort.
R - Blah blah blah ... Look in the fridge instead of sniggerring. And you, you know how to cook ?
G - Never cooked in my life.
R - OK, I just hope that we won't make too much damage. It's Mo 's territory and she won't appreciate if she finds it all devastated when she's back.
G - Don't care, it's not my wife !
R - Hey, catch it you bugger !
And he threw a big heavy book at George. It fell right on his hands on the table.
G - Aaaargh ! My poor darling little fingers, you silly bugger !
R - Don't care ! It's not me who will have to play the guitar tomorrow !
G - OK, now we're even !
R - Could you tell me what is remaining in the fridge ?
G - There's a roast beef, a salad and some other vegetables.
R - Take it all. We're gonna do something simple.
He took a chopping board out as George put some tomatoes, the salad, cucumbers under water, opened a tin of sweetcorn and didn't forget the dressing.
Ringo put the roast in the oven.
R - Do you know which temperature a roast needs ?
G - Got no idea !
R - Humm ... I'll try th 2 ! It may be longer to roast but at least it won't burn !
Two hours later .... Geo had fallen asleep on the table.
R - Hummm let's go for th7 !
He programmed his most powerful alarm-clock on half an hour and placed it near Geo's ear.
Half an hour later .... DRIIIIIIING !
Geo went out screaming out of the kitchen in a state of half unconsciousness.
He rushed in the garden like an automat, filled a bucket of water, went back in the kitchen to open the oven and threw the water on the poor roast beef.
Ringo was too stunned about his reaction to stop him. Then Geo regained his mind (a bit too late maybe !). Ringo sighed and crossed his arms in discouragement.
R - You've just ruined our dinner (and the oven too !) ...
Geo scratched his head.
G - Eeer. Sorry ...
And he looked at the alarm-clock that was still ringing.
G - But it's your fault ! ! What a stupid idea to put this bloody clock next to me ! ! That's another stupid damn joke ! ! !
In silence, Ringo and George looked at each other, then at the soaking roast. They suddenly felt completely stupid and burst out laughing. They couldn't stand up anymore and fell on the tiled floor, killing themselves laughing.
Lily who had witnessed the scene from the shelves thought to herself " That"s quite a great friendship that I saw since my arrival ... "
When all the laughing stopped, George asked :
- And now, what are we gonna eat ?
- There's still the chicken. We can roast it. But we have to clean the oven first.

Eventually the chicken roasted quite well and Geo and Ringo were satisfied of their dinner.

R - Tomorrow, for lunch we can eat the remaining of the chicken, cold with mayonnaise. That's very good, you'll see.
G - What's on TV tonight ?
R - We'll see. I'll do the washing-up later.

The Beatles on TV

The guys sat themselves on the armchairs and Lily lied herself on the coffee table. On one of the channels was a report about the Beatles.

G - Hey !! It's me ! Look, look, it's me !!!
Ringo shrugged.
R - Keep cool ! I saw.
- ...
R - And there ! And there ! It was me !
He shook Geo.
- Did you see ? Did you see ??? Did you ?
G - Hey ! Release me ! Of course, I saw.
L - Who are the other boys with you ?
G - You mean the two ones in suits next to us ? They're our bandmates ; Paul, the bassist, and John ; he plays the rhythm guitar.
He smiled.
- It's the one fooling around playing the handicapped.
L - Wow ! The other one is rather good-looking !
R - Paul always gains the female preference !
He glanced at George.
G - That's unfair.
George began pretending sulking.
R - By the way, have you got any magical powers ?
L - I've got indeed one. Yet I don't know what it is. I must find it out by myself. I know some fairies a lot older than me and who are still searching ! And I'm very young. I was born last spring, when the first lilies were blooming.
G - Must have been in May.
R - I hope you'll find it soon.
He changed of channel.
G - Hey ! That's an Hitchcock film ! What about watching that ?
R - Alright.

Good bye ! (See you soon !)

The next day, late in the morning, Ringo slowly woke up and looked at Lily who was completely healed.
- Ouch, already 11.30. That's too late for a breakfast.
In the next room, Geo was still sleeping soundly.
L - This night, I benefited of the dreams of both of you. I've never felt so healthy before !
R - So what are you going to do now ?
Lily sighed.
L - Now I must leave ...
She looked sad.
R - But you can visit us again and often ?
L - Yeah of course ! I promise. At least once a month, you'll see me, I swear. Each month, I wouldn't deprive myself of the pleasure to see both of you, George and you. Nothing can stand in my way !
R - You should say good bye to Geo now.
L - Yes, see you soon !

She disappeared and reappeared in Geo's room. He was just waking up, still yawning and stretching himself ...

Later, the two guys were together having lunch.
G - Lily left us this morning.
R - Yeah, that's sad. But when she'll come back, I'll phone you immediately and we'll see each other again !
G - And maybe Paul and John could join our happy reunion !
R - Maybe !

The end.

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