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Джон Леннон: Ливерпульский стиль.
Незаменимый Ринго.
"Битлз" - это было двадцать лет назад сегодня.
Birthday - Часть 2.
Concert At Shea Stadium. August 15th, 1965.
All about Beatles
Статьи, интервью, публикации об исследовании творчества.
Фанфики о Битлз! =)))
Фанфики различных категорий.
Проза о "Битлз" и Битлах.
Рассказы, повести, очерки и т.д.
Make Love, Not War & War Is Over
Peace and Love!
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Обращение Джорджа Харрисона. 
The Carefrees - We love You Beatles (1964). 
The Beatles 
«БИТЛЗ» - в поисках Пути к Освобождению. 
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Какую степень Битломанства вы бы себе определили?
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Beatles Concert Tickets.
Beatles Concert Tickets.

Beatles Concert Tickets
: One of the best Beatles collectables is an actual ticket from any of the Beatles concerts.

I happen to own two: one from their 1964 show at the Hollywood Bowl and one from their 1965 show in Atlanta, plus I have quite a few from the Paul McCartney shows I’ve seen.

On this page you’ll get to view as many Beatles Concert tickets as I could find. These Beatles Tickets go back as far as a show from the Cavern, Liverpool in June of 1962 through some recent shows by Paul. If you have a Beatles concert ticket and would like to contribute a scan of it to our page I would be happy to reward you with one of my Pop Go the Beatles radio shows. In the meantime enjoy these historical tickets from the concerts of the Fab Four.

Let’s start off with 2 tickets from Beatles shows before they came to America. The first is from a show at the Cavern, Liverpool from June 9th 1962 while the second is from May 17th 1963. At this time “Please Please Me” had just hit #1 in Great Britain.

Cavern Concert Ticket

Beatles Concert Ticket

Next we have a ticket from the Beatles historical first US concert from Washington DC. If you check our Historical Documents
Section you’ll find a picture of the actual set list used by the Beatles at this show.

Beatles DC Concert Ticket

In this next group all the tickets are form the Beatles Summer 1964 US Tour.

Beatles Seattle 1964 Concert Ticket

Beatles 1964 Hollywood Concert Ticket

Beatles 1964 Atlantic City Concert Ticket

Beatles 1964 Toronto Concert Ticket

Beatles 1964 Cleveland Concert Ticket

Beatles 1964 Kansas City Concert Ticket

We follow those up with 2 late 1964 Tickets from shows in the United Kingdom.

Beatles 1964 UK Concert Tickets

Beatles 1964 UK Concert Tickets

From Thursday December 24th 1964 through Saturday January 16th 1965 the Beatles presented “Another Beatles Christmas Show” at the Odeon Cinema, Hammersmith, London. The boys appeared in two sketches one with Freddie Garrity (of the Dreamers) and with disc- jockey Jimmy Saville and sang 11 songs

  1. Twist & Shout
  2. I’m A Loser
  3. Baby’s in Black
  4. Everybody’s Trying to be my Baby
  5. Can’t Buy Me Love
  6. Honey Don’t
  7. I Feel Fine
  8. She’s a Woman
  9. A Hard Days Night
  10. Rock and Roll Music
  11. Long Tall Sally

Here are two tickets from those shows.

Beatles 1965 London Concert Ticket

Beatles 1965 London Concert Ticket

Now we’ve got many tickets from the Beatles Summer of 65 US Tour including one from their legendary show at Shea Stadium.

Beatles 1965 Concert Ticket

Beatles 1965 Shea Stadium Concert Ticket

Beatles 1965 Toronto Concert Ticket

Beatles 1965 Atlanta Concert Ticket

Beatles 1965 Chicago Concert Ticket

Beatles 1965 Minnesota Concert Ticket

Beatles 1965 Hollywood Concert Ticket

Two more from their Asian Tour in 1966, including one from Tokyo (the tapes of this show demonstrate how poor a live band the Beatles had become, after years of not being able to hear themselves on stage their once tight harmonies had become very sloppy). Plus you get to see the ticket from their show in the Phillipines where they supposedly snubbed an invitation to a party held by Imelda Marcos and were literally thrown out of the country, and had to give back the money they earned from the show.

Beatles 1966 Japan Concert Ticket

Beatles 1966 Phillipines Concert Ticket

Now a group from their 1966 Summer US Tour, which would turn out to be their last tour. I do not have a copy of a ticket from their show in San Francisco, if you can contribute a scan of that ticket I would be very happy to reward you with a free copy of one of my Pop Go the Beatles radio shows.

Beatles 1966 Cleveland Concert Ticket

Beatles 1966 DC Concert Ticket

Beatles 1966 Toronto Concert Ticket

Beatles 1966 Cincinnati Concert Ticket

Beatles 1966 Shea Stadium Concert Ticket

Beatles 1966 Los Angeles Concert Ticket

The Beatles first US concert was filmed and later played as a movie in US theaters about one month later. This had never been done before for any kind of event, another first for the Beatles. Here are 2 tickets from that showing and 2 movie posters.

Beatles Special Performance Ticket

Beatles Special Performance Ticket

Beatles Concert Poster

Beatles Concert Poster

And finally, a ticket for the World Premier of A Hard Days Night in London.

Beatles Hard Days Night

Источник: http://www.the-beatles-history.com/beatles-concert-tickets.html
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